Sarofim School of Fine Arts

Student Outdoor/Indoor Art Installation

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    Tyler Cantwell and Owen Cassidy working on their piece titled "Expression Cube"
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    Roxanna Saenz's life-sized dancer legs, constructed of clear tape and wire, hang off the balcony overlooking the gallery.
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    The Questioner by Winston Myers, cattle/deer/chicken bones, 2013, 6’ H, image taken before installation.

Visser’s students’ works on display April 29-May 3, 2013.

Student Outdoor/Indoor Art Installation

Free and open to the public

For the second time, the Southwestern University campus will be overflowing with outdoor/indoor art installations from April 29 through May 3. Thirteen students from Mary Visser’s abstract sculpture class will showcase their work around campus. The students range from freshman to seniors and will showcase their works in a variety of mediums.

Each piece is intended to relate to the three-dimensional and physical aspects of the site by using elements of the site to develop a relationship between the forms and the environment. The abstract sculptures range from art and math correlation, to 3D interactive, to the illusion of forms.

The site locations and sculpture details are as follows:

1. Math Lab Chapman Whitmore lounge
Polyhedron in Flight by Christi Ho ‘16
Construction of a large polyhedral to emphasize the roll of math in developing 3D forms in movement through solid walls and space. This work will be located on the walls above eye level flowing through space in the Math Lab Chapman Whitmore lounge area. The work will be constructed by using the origami paper folding techniques.
2. Library North Courtyard
The Teaparty by Julia Estrada ‘15
A four by four grid of various sized cubes representing spatial placement and isolation, with children’s tea sets placed on the center four boxes, with different books/literature placed on the surrounding 12 boxes.

3. Sarofim School of Fine Arts North Lawn Tree
The Questioner by Winston Myers ‘13
Named Gerald and glowing with a bright yellow hue, a collection of bones in the form of a man stand atop a branch of an old tree pointing towards an older wood. The bone, overbearing, gives the form weight at the core and levity in the extremities reaching out across the hill. With elongate hand outstretched reaching for the forest unknown, the journey ever more pronounced and mysterious with the dawn of night and Gerald’s luminous rise. This piece symbolizes the culmination of my experience at Southwestern. Having learned that the answer is often hiding and the way often dark and incalculable, Gerald stands as a guide and a reminder that the light must come from within even as the darkness pulls it away, these are but the shadows and dimension that only a dynamic equilibrium could evoke. There is fear of the journey but also fear of its end and that is why Gerald is built of bone, to tangibly realize that from death there is life and the page must turn for the story to further unfold.

Built of cattle/deer/chicken bones, wire, and glow-in-the-dark spray paint, the form is approximately six-feet tall and has a very thin appearance. The bones are arranged into a human form with wire running through them to give the appearance of metallic tendons and viscera as if the form isn’t wholly natural and evasive of dichotomy.

4. Sarofim School of Fine Arts South Courtyard Adjacent To The Gallery
Unseen Scale by Bailey Olderog ‘14
This work will consist of a mirror grid reflecting the sky and a large irregular web thus a magnification of the world of the spider’s ability to build a complex form and a break up of the larger sky into smaller elements showing how scale determines the viewer’s perception of form.

5. Sarofim School of Fine Arts South Courtyard Adjacent To The Gallery, Bench
New Company by Clare Miller ‘16
The bench will support a sitting figure composed of wire. The figure will appear to be part of the bench. Where do our bodies begin and end in the illusion of space?

6. Sarofim School of Fine Arts, Hallway Near Dean’s Office
Trophy by Megan Adams ‘15
This work will be composed of discarded stuffed animals made into a large moose head representing the loss of innocence of youth in the guise of a trophy kill.

7. Sarofim School of Fine Arts Sculpture Courtyard
Pattern by Victoria Gadson ‘16
Colored patterns that echoes the space.

8. Martin Ruter Residence Hall Northeast Lawn
3D Unleashed by Owen Cassidy ’15 and Tyler Cantwell ‘16
A 4-foot cube floating over a large pillar covered with black board paint in which participants may write or draw. Participants will be provided with 3D chalk and 3D glasses to draw and view their work. The work is intended to focus on the mind’s desire to assign visual weight based upon size and color, which the 3D chalk will impose its own space on the mind.

9. Sarofim School of Fine Arts East Entrance Balcony
The Dance by Roxanna Saenz ‘15
Three transparent life size dancers float above the doorway from the second floor balcony. These figures are lightweight and transparent. The emphasis is on transparency and its contained volume.

10. Roy H. Cullen Academic Mall
Dining on the Mall by Tommie Behrenbeck ’14 and Mica Radu ‘16
One eight-foot long table covered with mowed grass. A variety of hand built chairs echoing various furniture periods from rustic to ornate covered in vegetation surround the table. The idea is about illusion of forms as the natural vegetation surrounding the forms hides or reveals the forms.

11. Roy H. Cullen Academic Mall Attached to Tree
Untitled by Ellen Hinds ‘16
A large bark covered human figure pulling away from the tree stretched out trying to extricate its spirit from the trunk of a tree.