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2012 ACM CS Club Events

  • Field trip to Goodwill Computer History Museum
    Field trip to Goodwill Computer History Museum
  • Progressive supper
    Progressive supper
  • Progressive supper
    Progressive supper
  • Alumni Panel
    Alumni Panel

The ACM CS Club’s fun events of 2012.

Field Trip to Goodwill Computer History Museum in Austin 
This fall ACM CS Club Co-Advisors Suzanne Buchele and David Willaimson took interested students to the Goodwill Computer History Museum in Austin, a now annual event.  Students enjoyed seeing computer systems from years past and hearing about the short but rich history of computer technology!

Progressive Supper 
Another now-annual event is the Progressive Dinner at the beginning of every fall semester.  This year we started with appetizers in the Chapman-Whitmore lounge, then to Dr. Buchele’s for dinner, and Zach Anglin’s on-campus apartment for dessert.  Yummy and fun, as always! 

Alumni Panel 
This fall the ACM CS Club, UPE, and the department co-hosted a CS Alumni Panel as well.  Five recent alums from the area, working in very different companies, shared their experiences and “what they wish they knew”.  Sorry students, one of the main messages was the importance of documentation!  Many interesting topics were discussed, including “big data”, working at large and small companies, graduate school, teamwork, and getting along with your manager, as well as current tools and technologies used in the workplace.  A very interesting and valuable evening! 

Post-Holiday Party and Gift Exchange 
A long-standing tradition is the ACM CS Club’s post-holiday party and white elephant gift exchange, and this year we had a great turnout, great food, and a lot of stealing of gifts!  This year the gifts included the novel Pride and Prejudice, an Origami how-to book, some classic CS-themed videos, a toolbox, a motherboard, and a light-up, singing, santa hat