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International Students attending SU

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    Students having fun in the Office of Intercultural Learning

Help international students enhance their Southwestern Experience and appreciate local culture.
Goal: $500
Amount Achieved: $80
Completion Date: December 31

When our Southwestern University students study abroad, we recommend programs that not only assist students with their academic adjustment, but also their cultural adjustment. To that end, these programs provide lots of interesting excursions and cultural events for the visiting students to help them learn about their temporary home. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to do the same thing with the international students who come to study on the SU campus. Many of them do not own a car and so have little opportunity to learn about the local community or attend events that will teach them more about Texas culture, cuisine, or entertainment.

One of our international students, currently a senior, had this to say:

“Personally, I think international students struggle more than American students. Not only do we have to deal with culture shock, but we also try to adapt with a new educational environment. I think receiving more funding to create events for international students would help them cope with college life better. I wish there would be someone nice enough to take me out, show me how to relax and actually ENJOY college life.”

We are requesting funds to be able to take these visiting international students off campus to learn more about Georgetown, Texas, and the United States. Depending on the amount we receive, we will take them to a local rodeo, a live music event in Austin or just to a few restaurants that serve “Texan” food.