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Cancer Research Continues to Spread at SU and Beyond

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    Cancer Crusaders of the Department of BIology

This story highlights progress made by the research team of Drs. Todd, Cuevas and Sheller on investigating important proteins linked to cancer cell growth.

Drs. Todd, Cuevas and Sheller in collaboration with Dr. King from Trinity University presented their research findings: ‘Sub-cellular Localization of Overexpressed Versus siRNA-Suppressed Claudin-3 Protein in Breast Cancer Cell Lines by Cell Fractionation and Indirect Immunofluorescence’ at the 2012 Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Conference.  Two undergraduates Browyn Tyler and Amanda Tompkins were co-authors. Two other senior students Heather Petty and Shannon Spears attended the conference.


In addition, Dr. Maria Cuevas was awarded a Sam Taylor Fellowship ($2000) to study the possible hormonal control of claudin-3 and claudin-4 expression in breast epithelial MCF-7 and endometrial HEC-1A cancer cell lines. This project is being conducted with three undergraduate research students, Jenna Gaska, Brigitte Sledge and Krishna Suri.


Collectively, student research projects in the lab group include investigating the role of the tight junction proteins claudin-3 and-4 in breast cancer, possible hormonal control of claudins 3 and -4 expression, role of claudins 3 and -4 in the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.  These students also participate in the Student Seminar Series sponsored by the Department of Biology.


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