Danielle Stapleton ’05

Associate Director of University Relations - New Media

Danielle graduated from Southwestern University with a degree in Communication Studies. Before returning to work at her alma mater, she spent four years as a fundraiser for Mills College in Oakland, Calif. As her experience grew, Danielle developed a passion for communicating and has been managing the University’s social media channels since 2011. She strives to share the story of Southwestern through authentic and engaging content, while understanding that listening and responding to the community is equally important. By partnering and collaborating with all areas of campus, she ensures that social media strategies are integrated into marketing and communication efforts. When not crafting or creating content, Danielle stays current with the evolution of digital marketing trends and best practices to help inform the community. Additionally, she serves as the 2014-15 Chair of the Staff Steering Committee, leads the Social Media Advisory Group and is a member of the Web Management Team.

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