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Spring Capstone Presentations

Students in this semester’s capstone seminar, “Popular Culture in General: Bob Dylan in Particular,” taught by Dr. David Gaines, presented versions of their capstone papers on April 24 at the Dorothy Lord Community Center.

Fourteen English majors–Rebecca Bennett, Brooks Benadum, Susan Chancellor, Lexie Cooper, Jessica Durrett, Rebecca Eisenberg, Karyl Fowler, Shawna Kilbourn, Lauren Lansford, Lillie Mayeux, Brandon Mulder, Shae Seagraves, Kate Steinbach, and J.D. Vela–presented papers on the research they have undertaken as part of this semester’s capstone seminar, “Popular Culture in General: Bob Dylan in Particular,” which was taught by Associate Professor of English David Gaines. The papers were organized into four panels, “Monsters, Incorporated”; “Cinema Diversitivo”; “Evolution of Cultural Artifacts”; and “Women Warriors and Fields of Dreams.” They addressed a considerable range of pop culture phenomena, from Buffy, zombies, and Frankenstein to the gender politics of Pixar films and of Peter Jackson’s adaptations of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Others focused on the social function of internet memes, adaptation and appropriation in popular music, and on the contributions conflict theory and T.W. Adorno’s aesthetic theories make to understanding popular culture. Others focused on the representation in mainstream film of women with disabilities, the femme fatale in film noir, and versions of femininity in the Coen brothers’ films. Still others focused on the social function of sport, and the various versions of Friday Night Lights. The presentations were thoroughly enjoyed by those who crowded into the Dorothy Lord Center.