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King Creativity at Southwestern

Interdisciplinary Craft as Art Exhibition

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    Left to Right: Emily Manning, Mary Alyson Atkins, and Andja Budincich

Emily Manning, Andja Budincich, and Mary Alyson Atkins 
Sponsor: Elizabeth Green Musselman, Professor of History

Using the King Creativity grant, Emily Manning, Andja Budincich, and Mary Alyson Atkins implemented a community project culminating in an exhibit of crafts displayed at the student run Korouva Milk Bar from March 22nd-29th.

Using craft as a medium of communication that crosses disciplinary boundaries, nine selected students and faculty members created craft pieces that seek to blur the line between art, craft, and academia. Craft media was utilized for this purpose because it is a creative endeavor often regarded as outside the art realm and thus divided from it, just as academic disciplines are frequently artificially divided from each other. By emphasizing both the artistic and functional aspects of craft, the exhibit seeks to blur the artificial line between art and craft. At the same time, it blurs the lines between various academic disciplines. 

Craft pieces by: Mary Alyson Atkins, Andja Budincich, Glenda Carl, Fumiko Futamura, Jennifer Gutierrez, Jordan Hutchison, Emily Manning, Sandi Nenga, Kate Steinbach