Office of Career Services

Parents as partners: Students need your valuable career advice

While your daughter or son may not want to follow in Mom’s or Dad’s footsteps, another SU student may be thrilled to learn about your career!  Sharing your expertise is now easier than ever - simply join our LinkedIn group, “The Association of Southwestern University Alumni and Friends.” 

You already know the value of networking in your career development and advancement.  Hopefully you are already using LinkedIn (the modern-day Rolodex) to catalog and make new professional connections.  Now you can help Southwestern students as they explore career options and seek career experiences through internships and jobs by serving as a point of contact with advice and referrals. 

Annual data collected by Career Services from new graduates shows that nearly 50 percent of employed students land their jobs through some form of networking - family, friends, alumni, professors, etc.  So who are some of the most likely people to want to give that new SU grad a break?  You are! 

If you join the LinkedIn group, when students and alumni search the group for career connections, your profiles will give them additional valuable insight into career paths, and the advice and referrals you could provide students and graduates who contact you may be just what they need to take their next career step.

We hope you will join us!