Office of Career Services

30 alumni host Pirate Apprentices for job shadowing

Thanks to more than two dozen alumni, sophomore “apprentices” spent part of the winter break during the first annual SU Pirate Apprentice Days job shadowing event trying on careers from improv comedy to surgery.

Southwestern sophomores and Career Services owe a big “thank-you” to the 33 alumni who generously volunteered to give their time and expertise to students exploring career options through job shadowing. 

Students applied to participate in the event, indicating preferences for career fields and geographic locations, and Career Services’ Internship Development staff Maria Kruger ‘91 and Megan Hardin researched and solicited alumni matches for the students’ interests.  Alumni and students agreed upon a mutually feasible day during the students’ winter break to spend the day together. 

Students participated in a pre-trial meeting for a murder case, helped film and edit a feature story on the special turf of the Dallas Cowboys’ new football field, observed hand surgeries and learned about many other occupations. 

A big round of applause for our dedicated alumni volunteers:  Dr. John Baker ‘82, Eric Batch ‘97, Scott Burkey ‘91, Aly Burroughs ‘96, Dr. Chris Chaput ‘93, Melissa Nicewarner Daly ‘03, Dianah Dulaney ‘80, Annalie Drusch Gibbs ‘95, Dr. Scott Hanson ‘91, Dr. Jim Harvey ‘86, Beth Hawkins ‘01, Larry Haynes ‘72 (Southwestern University Trustee), Alicia High ‘00, Karen Holloman ‘90, Brooke Davis Holmes ‘03, Jennifer Fangue Lange ‘93, John Lopez ‘89, Dr. Chrystal Louis, MD, MPH ‘97, Brian Mabry ‘93, Jennifer Matthews-Lucas ‘96, Mark McPhail ‘80, Amber Morena ‘99, Dr. David Myers ‘94, Samantha Peden ‘03, Mary Faith Sterk, LCSW ‘72, Jim Swift ‘70, Dr. Ross Tobleman ‘98, Dr. Will Van Wyk ‘68,  Dr. Mark White ‘75, and Jahred Williams ‘06.  In addition, Yvette Bricker ‘79, Hobey Strawn ‘02 and Kari Torres ‘06 will host Pirate Apprentices later this year.