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Interview attire: You are what you wear

Don’t let your wardrobe get in the way of your next job interview. View detailed advice and images of appropriate interview attire.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been interviewed.  Maybe attire common to your organization’s culture is different from a new field to which you want to transition.  Maybe you just want an excuse to go shopping. 

Louis Deering of notes that “personal presentation can have a huge impact upon success in a job interview. Employers have very little time to make many difficult evaluations about a candidate, and first impressions often unconsciously guide their decision making process. Unfortunately, with today’s diverse and rapidly evolving business dress culture, many job seekers are unsure what constitutes appropriate interview attire.”

Consequently, the professional image consultants at have created an online reference guide on interview dress etiquette to respond to this need. The guide, an illustrated PDF, helps interviewees research an employer’s dress culture, explains how to create a professional appearance, in both business formal and business casual settings, and provides simple rules for making a great first impression during interviews. It also provides tips on buying the right interview suit, from fitting to styling to fabric. It is well illustrated with examples and includes links to ask-an-expert service for answers to specific questions. This free resource can be downloaded and viewed at