Office of Career Services

Career Services offers video series of interviews with professionals about their careers, a new video resource for SU students, lets you hear personal stories about people’s careers - from the comfort of your laptop!  Log in to view thousands of videos about different occupations. 

Career Services recently purchased access to to help students explore occupational options.  In addition to figuring out one’s own interests, values, preferences and skills through self-assessment, career exploration also involves learning about what’s “out there” - researching occupations.  Reading about different jobs is one way to explore.  Hearing from live human beings about what they do and how they got there is another, more dynamic way.  In addition to the personal contacts Career Services can help students make, we now can offer access to many more individuals who describe their careers via a video informational interview.  Take advantage of this great resource today by visiting our Researching Options web page and clicking on “”