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Sustainability in the Theatre

  • Photo: Shelley Dormont ‘11
    Photo: Shelley Dormont ‘11

Kira D. McEntire
Sponsor: John Ore, Professor of Theatre

The goal of this project is to determine the most cost efficient solar array needed to support a small theater venue and to promote sustainability in the theater. The case study would occur for Heather Hall, a small black box theater at Southwestern University. To determine the most cost efficient solar array needed, the energy production and cost effectiveness of two different types of silicon solar panels will be recorded and calculated. John Ore is currently heading  a project to convert the lighting system in Heather Hall Theater to be completely light emitting diode (LED) lights and determine the cost savings. This is a companion project to determine the solar array needed to run an LED theatrical lighting system. The more energy efficient LED lights are more compatible with current solar technologies.