Student Congress

Legislation: Parking Recommendation

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Recommendation by the Parking Committee as approved by Student Congress on February 15, 2011.

1 WHEREAS the Southwestern University student body is growing each year and,

2 WHEREAS the student body felt the pressure of our limited parking spaces then   

3 expressing need for increased parking through a Student Body Forum in Fall 2010

4 and,

5 WHEREAS the $100 per year for parking stickers goes into the General Fund and

6 there is no funding structure currently in place to alleviate parking problems,

7 BE IT RECOGNIZED that in order to have 100 new parking spaces for students      

8 available for Fall 2011 the City of Georgetown must receive plans, and begin the   

9 permitting process by the end of February 2011

10 THEREFORE BE IT RECOMMENDED that parking sticker permit fees increase by

11 $100 per year to be strictly used for parking issues and balance construction    

12 costs and,

13 WHEREAS breaking the parking fee cost into two semesters at $100 per

14 semester students studying abroad could opt out and it eases the increased cost

15 on student budgets,

16 BE IT FURTHER RECOMMENDED that after four years with the increased fee the

17 new parking lots would be paid for and the student body will have the option of

18 continuing the fee of $200 per year in order to generate funding for future

19 parking projects or to lower the fee back down to $100 per year, without an

20 increase in the parking fee there are no options to build new spaces.