Office of Career Services

Spring packed with career development events for your student

Career Services starts the spring semester snowed in - under a stack of resumes, that is. The annual Resume Drive is well underway, followed quickly by practice interviews for students and numerous other career development events, such as the Internship Connections Fair, specialty topics like Careers in Health, and the chance to take simulated grad school entrance exams - all for free!

Students eager to compete for scholarships, internships, jobs and graduate school admission are taking advantage of the Resume Drive, submitting worksheets to have their resume typed and formatted by Career Services (for up to 25 students) or sending in drafts of existing resumes for help with polishing.  Getting students ready early in the semester is key to their success when that dream job or internship shows up in front of them smack in the middle of midterms. 

From resumes to employer-conducted interview makeovers during Professional Practice Interview Day, students can learn to maximize their chances in a competitive job market.  They can put those new and/or improved skills to use applying for positions during February’s Internship Connections Fair or several trips to area job fairs in March and April.

For students tackling the big job of exploring career options, special topic events featuring professionals with Careers in Health and Careers in Music take place in February and March, respectively.  The semester wraps up with Career Connections BBQ, where 25-30 alumni in a wide variety of career fields meet with students in small groups for short informational interviews and networking.

Important changes are coming down the pike in August this year to the GRE, the entrance exam many students need to apply for graduate study.  Students should learn more at the GRE Changes Workshop in March.  In partnership with national test prep providers, Career Services offers workshops and free practice tests for students preparing for graduate, law, medical and other professional schools.

All career development and recruiting events for the semester can be found online at  We hope you will encourage your student to participate!