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From Research Methods to Senior Project Manager in San Francisco

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Katie Popp ‘00 traces her Southwestern Experience from her research methods class during her sophomore year to her current career as a Senior Project Manager at Great Place to Work Institute in San Francisco

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  • Great Place to Work Institute is a San Francisco-based management consultancy and research firm dedicated to helping organizations build high-trust workplaces.  The company’s philosophy is that high-trust environments promote cooperation and collaboration, leading to positive workplace interactions, higher profits, and greater productivity.

Tell us about your Southwestern Experience. I’d like to share with you today a bit about my Southwestern Experience for any of you who might be attending Southwestern or any who might want to know what a BA in psychology from Southwestern can get you out there in the marketplace.  So, to start with I’d say that I decided to attend Southwestern because I grew up in College Station, Texas, which is best known for being the home of Texas A&M University.  I knew growing up in College Station that I did not want to attend a large university for college, but I wanted to go to a university that was small-sized, allowed small classes and easy access to faculty as well as the ability as one individual to make a large contribution to the campus community.  Very fortunately, I found Southwestern and it did not disappoint on any of those fronts.

What was your most rewarding experience at Southwestern? My sophomore year I took research methods which is a required class for all psychology majors and the professor was Dr. Tracy Giuliano.  Research methods was an incredibly challenging class.   I had to think in a way that I’d never thought before and learn things that were difficult to understand at first, but in the end I really enjoyed my experience in research methods and really liked research.

How did Southwestern prepare you for what you’re doing now? I took a bunch of other courses with Dr. Giuliano and had the opportunity to serve as a research assistant with Dr. Giuliano and through that experience – those classes and serving as a research assistant – I learned how to design and administer surveys, I learned how to collect data, analyze that data and I learned how to make the results applicable in the real world.  From that experience Tracy Giuliano, Jennifer and I actually published a paper in a journal , in an academic journal, and at the time I was like hey this is pretty cool, senior in college and now I’m a published author, hey isn’t this great?”

Shortly after that I went out to the real world and after I graduated from Southwestern I moved out to San Francisco California  to see what the west would bring me.  A few years down the road in 2002 I found myself in an interview with a flood line company called Great Place to Work Institute.  They were looking for someone to produce their Best Companies lists, including Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” … They produce those list based on employee surveys and management questionnaires from a number of companies and it is evaluated.  I went into the interview.  Sitting at the table I was able to pull out my paper that Dr. Guiliano, Jenifer and I wrote at Southwestern and I pushed that across the table and said, “Hey, here is what I know about surveys and research, and here is what I can do for your company.”  Very fortunately I got the job at Great Place to Work Institute and I’m still working there today, eight years later.