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Cleaning Up After Hermine

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    About 60 cars on campus were flooded when heavy rain hit Williamson County Sept. 8. The water line is clearly visible on the side of this car.

Southwestern is dealing with damage caused by a tropical storm that flooded parts of campus

Southwestern is cleaning up after Tropical Storm Hermine brought more than 12 inches of rain to Williamson County Sept. 8. Damage caused by the hurricane includes the following:

  • 5-8 student apartments have “significant” water damage and about 10 apartments have “moderate” water damage. The apartments that suffered the most damage were near the intersection of Southwestern Boulevard and Wesleyan Drive.Jerry Brody, vice president for student life, said the damage is not severe enough that any students had to be moved out of their apartments while they are being cleaned up.
  • About 2 inches of water got into the Caskey Center, which is located in the same area. This has damaged the carpets and baseboards, but none of the contents in the building.
  • Power went out in parts of the library when a cable to a generator got wet and shorted out. The library was able to remain open, however. 
  • Several buildings have water coming in through the roofs.
  • About 60 cars that were parked near the intersection of Southwestern Boulevard and Wesleyan Drive suffered water damage. Students who have vehicles with water damage from the flooding should do the following:
  1. Call the SU Police Department at 512-863-1944 and give them your name and phone number, the year and make of your vehicle, the license plate number, and how much water damage was done (they can help you with the last one).
  2. Call your insurance company and report that your vehicle was damaged by the flood. They will tell you what all you need to give them. If they need a report, go to the SU Police Department and get a “self-reporting” form that you can fill out yourself.

Provost Jim Hunt has asked faculty members to be flexible with students who are dealing with consequences of the flooding.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed a Declaration of Disaster for the state. Williamson County is one of the counties covered by this declaration. Once the President signs this declaration, residents who will were affected by the flood will be available for FEMA funds. A FEMA office is expected to be set up in our area the week of Sept. 13. Those who want to file a claim with FEMA should do the following three things:

  1. Take good pictures of all damages, especially water marks showing how high the water came. Interior damage as well as outside damages.
  2. Keep all receipts of all expenditures. That way you will have as many options as possible for reimbursement.
  3. If you have not already called in to report your flooding, call the county to make sure they are aware of your damage. Call County Emergency Management Coordinator Jarred Thomas at 512- 943-3747 or his assistant, Dee Harris, at 512- 943-3876.

For more information on possible FEMA assistance, call 800-621-3362 or go to