Office of Career Services

Are you a friend of Ichabod?

Spend much time on Facebook?  We thought so.  Now you can catch up with us there!  Want breaking news from Career Services about upcoming events and opportunities?  Want tips for improving your resume, navigating the internship/job search process, interviewing, etc?  Become a fan of “SU Career Services” or friend Ichabod Black, our mascot.

Ever wonder about the headless guy at Career Services?  He used to scare people looking through the window to the McCook-Crain Building (our old digs) at night. 

Now Ichabod (yes, we know that the headless character in The Headless Horseman was not actually the one named Ichabod, but it’s the name that came to mind and just stuck) will hopefully help people stay connected with Career Services in a fun and convenient way.  Serving as the face of the profile (OK, except he doesn’t actually have a face) connected to our Facebook fanpage, Ichabod will also make appearances at campus events to raise awareness about Career Services.

And if you see another headless character around, don’t be alarmed - it’s just Antoinette, who joined our team this summer.  Oh, and in their spare time, when they’re not busy representing Career Services around campus, Ichabod Black and Antoinette Gold model professional attire to help students prepare for interviews and the world of work.