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New Scoreboards Contribute to Green Initiatives on Campus

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    The new scoreboard on the varsity soccer/lacrosse field is much more energy-efficient than the previous scoreboard, which had been in use since 1993.

Scoreboards with LED lights use less electricity

For Southwestern’s varsity soccer and lacrosse players, the new scoreboard on their playing field may just be nicer looking than the old scoreboard.

But it’s also contributing to Southwestern’s sustainability initiatives.

The 24’ x 13’ scoreboard is the third one that the university has installed in the past few years. New scoreboards previously went in on the baseball and softball fields.

According to Glada Munt, director of intercollegiate athletics, all three of the new scoreboards combined use less electricity than the former baseball scoreboard alone. This is because they use LED lights instead of traditional lightbulbs.

Munt has found a good use for those old lightbulbs, though. They have been saved and will be available for interested alumni in the fall as a fundraiser for the athletics program.

The new scoreboard will be inaugurated Sept. 6 when the women’s soccer team plays Texas Lutheran at 3 p.m.

The previous scoreboard on the varsity soccer/lacrosse field had been used by Southwestern’s soccer program from its inception in 1993. It formerly stood on Moses Field before it was relocated to the current soccer/lacrosse field.