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King Creativity at Southwestern

Laughingstock Productions

by: Steven Smith
Major: Anthropology and Computer Science

Laughingstock Productions has always been inside in some form or another. When I applied for college I wanted to find a school that was close to a large city, giving me a chance to do stand-up comedy. When a friend of mine was accepted to Harvard, I flirted with the idea of him submitting some of my written comedic work to the coveted Harvard Lampoon Comedy Magazine. While growing up, I would always daydream about being in the cast of a show like Saturday Night Live. Then, the King Creativity Fund came along and made all of this and more possible.

Laughingstock Productions is a comedy society at Southwestern University that is funded largely by the King Creativity Fund (KCF). Thanks to the $1,073 received from the KCF, Laughingstock Productions has really come into it’s own. Prior to the grant Laughingstock Productions didn’t really exist. The access to a budget transformed a couple of dismal stand-up shows and a quaint comedy magazine into so much more. Laughingstock Productions currently publishes Peg Leg, a comedy magazine with a subscription base of over 250 people. The first episode of “The Hook,” a sketch comedy show, is currently under production and is slotted to premiere on campus and the internet in mid-April. The first of a series of Laughingstock Productions sponsored stand-up shows will be on the evening of April 10 and the turnout is expected to double from previous shows. Finally, the KCF has made it possible for the staff of Laughingstock Productions (which incorporates the creative talents of nearly 20 students) to put all of their work online, in an effort to seize the attention of a potentially bottomless fan base (, launching April 9).

In the end, the King Creativity Fund legitimized the dreams and work of several students. I could never have imagined having an opportunity to do what I love so much on such a large scale. The door has been opened to spread our comedic art into other media as well (a comedy CD, short movie, and “Best Of Peg Leg” book are currently in the works). Thanks in large to the King Creativity Fund, Southwestern University, and a little help from my friends, I have been able to make my dreams come true.