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Making it Happen: Producing a Student-Run Musical

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by: Justin Smith
Major: undeclared

Well, here we are in the lovely month of April and it’s time to look back at what we were able to do with our grant money.  My project was a huge success.  I used my grant money to help produce the student run musical Personals.  The show was a huge success, especially from a producing standpoint.  There were sold out houses for all the shows, and we actually came in without going over budget!  The money given specifically to me helped print up all the programs and flyers that Kathryn Bourell and myself designed and created.  That Personals logo was seen all over campus, as well as the entire Williamson County, because the grant money allowed us to run two six inch ads in the Williamson County Sun.  The payoff of all of my production team’s work was well met when we sold out every performance and 3 out of the 4 nights had standing room only.  I feel that we could not have possibly gotten all the attention that the performance warranted had it not been for my grant money allowing me to advertise.  I mean, that is why we do shows, so that people will watch them.  If we can’t put people in the seats, there is no reason for even doing the show.  Honestly, I am extremely proud of the performance on every aspect.  David, Matthew, and Chris all did terrific jobs, and I am just thankful that I could help get their work out to a public that really wanted to see it.  Thank you so much Dr. King for the ability to give this performance to others, we could not have done it without you.