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King Creativity at Southwestern

Community Building Through the Use of Music

by Joleen Kayanickupuram, Major: undeclared
by Robert Romig, Major: political science

Southwestern University Drum Corps

The Southwestern University Drum Corps was formed in the spring of 2001 with the goal of enhancing campus unity and school spirit. To facilitate this goal, a variety of methods have been explored, including traditional drumming techniques, alternative percussion, and as much banging as possible. The original proposal to the King Creativity Fund Committee requested funding to purchase equipment necessary to implement our objectives on the Southwestern campus.



The Drum Corps débuted in the beginning of the Fall semester at Men and Women’s soccer games, and followed up in the Spring semester at the Men and Women’s basketball games.  The performances were very well-received by spectators, SU fans and opponents alike, and received great support from the Southwestern Athletics Department.
Weeks of preparation led to fourth place in SING during Homecoming Weekend. Our alternative percussion skit, entitled “After Hours,” was a challenging yet exhilarating representation of the Sodexho-Marriot staff.

Closing out the semester with a bang - literally - the Corps participated in Final Scream, filling Southwestern with an explosion of sound for a solid ten minutes.


Student Life Involvement

However, performances were not the only contribution of the SU Drum Corps to the Southwestern community. Made possible by the generous grant provided by the King Committee, the SU Drum Corps has been able to reach perspective, current, and former SU students through campus-wide events.

Incoming first-year and prospective students were introduced to and invited to become involved in the Corps through presentations at organization fairs in both the fall and spring.

Working to extend its activities from exclusively athletic involvement to encompass all aspects of student life on campus, the SU Drum Corps is working in conjunction with other student organizations such as Student Foundation and SEAK, and have even supported the formation of the Southwestern University Flag Corps.

In February, the Drum Corps sponsored a trip open to SU students to attend a performance of the highly-acclaimed percussion group STOMP.

Future plans include participation in the upcoming Spring Mall Ball and annual parent/prospective student events.



Intended to promote campus spirit, the outcome of this project is decidedly subjective. However, our efforts have been recognized as beneficial to the campus community through publication in the Georgetown Sun and “Inside Southwestern”.
Funding provided by the King Committee has aided the slow but steady advancement of campus unity and spirit through the SU Drum Corps.

Robert Romig and Joleen Kayanickupuram