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The Archer

by Matt Dannelley
Major: art

The Archer is a large-scale, figurative sculpture that will be cast in fiberglass with a finished surface resembling carved marble. The form is based on classical Greek prototypes that emphasized male athleticism with a heroic pose and ideal proportions. The highly emphasized musculature of the archer is a direct reference to the representation of masculinity in pop-culture media. The Archer is a commentary on the images of masculinity portrayed by Hollywood action flicks, video games and comic books in which maleness is indicated by physical strength and capacity for violence. The Archer compares contemporary forms of entertainment with those of the Roman Empire, which envisioned the Greek classicism of male athleticism as superiority.

The statue was sculpted in plastiscene on a steel armature fro a live model. A rubber mold is then taken from the original, which captures all the detail of the sculpted surface. A water-based resin is cast into this mold with fiber (fiberglass) to create the finished piece. Rubber mold and fiberglass materials are not only expensive, they are high-tech and research into the working process was necessary to cast The Archer into the final stages of completion.

I plan on exhibiting The Archer along with other recent figurative woks of mine in a public gallery setting. The show will represent my sculptural work in various media: ceramic, bronze, and fiberglass.