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King Creativity at Southwestern

Beat This: An SU Music Weekend

by Joleen Kayanickupuram

The Southwestern University Drum Corps, in conjunction with Composer’s Collective, has planned a conglomeration of musical events that will occur in close time-proximity to one another. SU Drum Corps’ contribution to this grouping of musical events will be a performance and the organization of a drumming clinic open to both the campus and Georgetown communities. SU Drum Corps will perform on April 7, 2003. The performance will include small ensembles, marching percussion pieces, a few solos, and a STOMP piece that will interact with the audience. On April 9, 2003, SU DC will be bringing two musicians to campus to facilitate a drumming clinic. One of the musicians will focus on corps-style drumming, while the other will place emphasis on trap-set drumming techniques. Each will alternate between performing and teaching. SU DC is responsible for the publicity of this “musical conglomeration”, and as part of this, we have invited students from Georgetown High School to both events in order to promote community involvement in Southwestern’s campus activities.

The King Creativity Fund grant will provide the funding necessary to bring the two musicians to campus, purchase instruments necessary for the performance, and suitably publicize both Southwestern University Drum Corps events.