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Indian Cultural Awareness Month (ICAM)

  • Photo by Donald Tetto

by Khushdeep Grewal

The basic plan for ICAM was that we would take almost all of the events that the Indian Students Association did in one year and bring them together under the title of a “Month.” This would give ISA a sustained presence on campus for that month and perhaps make the campus more aware of the organization. We also saw this as an excellent opportunity for educating the campus in Indian culture and traditions, one of the important goals of our organization.

We initially had plans of doing an international fashion show, a Rangoli (sand art) competition, two cultural events (music, dance etc.), a Vasanth charity drive, and a clothing exhibit. ICAM is scheduled for March 20th until April 20th. The first event, the opening of the cultural exhibit is scheduled for Thursday, March 20th . The final plans for ICAM have added many new things to that original proposal. We managed to get clothing brought from India as well as jewelry. The exhibit may be considered the most important part of the month because it will be up for the entire month and the campus center is one of the most frequented places on campus. We built on the original plan by adding a reception. The reception will have singing by an a capella group from UT and also finger foods from India.

We added a dance performance to our original plans and all of the original plans for the events have been altered somewhat. The International Fashion show will be the last event of ICAM and we have brought in the other diversity organizations on campus. We will have a singing performance by an Indian group, Asia Club and Ebony will also have performers during the fashion show. A total of five organizations are participating in the show itself. Since no events have been held yet, it is difficult to detail them but interest has been expressed in ICAM and we hope that it will be successful in fulfilling our initial goals of education and exposure.