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The Unseen World: A Microbiological Photo Safari

by Sarah Beth Raison and Blithe Casterline

The microorganisms we wish to photograph have successfully been isolated, cultured, mounted to slides, and stained in varying manners. We have viewed the slides and picked the ones we believe to be the most interesting, and we have attempted to use the digital camera available to photograph them. The resolution has been much less than we initially desired even after installing a new video card. For this reason, we are in the process of taking 35mm photographs of the slides in order to compare them to our digital test prints. We believe this will be the best option to obtain images with a high enough degree of resolution to be enlarged according to our plans. This may, however, change the number of prints we will be able to make with the allotted funds because of price variance between digital and photographic printing.

Sarah Raison
Blithe Casterline
Dr. Martin Gonzalez