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King Creativity at Southwestern

American Goddess

by Sarah Fox

I have completed five large scale figure drawings (one a two figure series), each focusing on a different type of goddess or female spiritual force. Two of these drawings I turned into large paintings, and one I am in the process of turning into a painting. One painting/drawing pair focuses on the idea of Mary from Christianity and how I thought a modern Mary might function in today’s American society. Another painting/drawing set I completed drew upon the Hindu belief of shakti or the idea of female power that is essential and integral to Hindu goddesses and the belief system as a whole. I then completed a drawing that drew from old “screen goddesses”, focusing strongly on Marilyn Monroe. I also completed a large goddess figure taken from many of the Buddha figures I have seen. My project was delayed for two months after breaking my painting/drawing hand in a car accident. But things are back on track and I have just completed a large, double figure drawing focusing on sexuality with Adam and Eve figures. I am now in the process of turning this drawing into a painting.