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King Creativity at Southwestern

Mandana: Exploration and Transformation of an Indian Tribal Art Tradition

  • Photograph: Emily Taylor
    Photograph: Emily Taylor

Jennifer Lovell
Faculty Sponsor: Patrick Veerkamp

Thus far, I have been working on the technical and preparatory aspects of my project. The sod is cut and removed from the space, and an outline of metal edging surrounds the area. Also, a layer of dirt has been deposited, leveled, and tamped in an attempt to create a smooth surface. There have been some set backs concerning the incompatibility of the mud and cow dung mixture atop of the ground, but I am currently working on a solution to this problem. I have realized that I will not be able to maintain the same technical approach taken back in India with my project because of the difference in materials and ground. At first this was frustrating, but I realize that it is an important part of making this artwork within my current environment. Fortunately, the physical plant employees and my mentor have been supportive and helpful in this process. I am looking forward to beginning my paintings in early March; hopefully the weather will be obliging.