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The Spirit of New Orleans

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    Ben Woods, photograph by Emily Taylor
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    Lauren Wolf, photograph by Emily Taylor
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    Stacey Faulkner, photograph by Emily Taylor

Stacey Faulkner, Lauren Wolf, and Ben Woods
Faculty Sponsor: David Olson

Upon traveling to New Orleans we gathered footage in areas where effects of the hurricane still remain as well as at events celebrating the culture and heritage of New Orleans. We interviewed a multitude of individuals ranging from the Director of the Film and Television Commission to the Director of Homeland Security. By gathering varying footage and interviewing so many different individuals we compiled a wide range of stories and experiences.

Currently we are in the process of reviewing and editing all footage. It is our hope that this film will highlight the undying spirit of New Orleans and the people that make up its population.

We believe this documentary will inspire the Southwestern community to be active participants in the communities that surround them. Our hope for this film is to inspire students to live Southwestern’s Core Purpose and Core Values and make a dedication to the well- being of humanity through activism.