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Senior Gallery Exhibition: ‘Solidified Memories’ in Painting

  • Photograph by Emily Taylor
    Photograph by Emily Taylor

Aren Ehman
Faculty Sponsor: Victoria Star Varner

Over the course of this year I have been working on an exhibition titled Solidified Memories consisting of a series of oil paintings, drawings, and prints. Solidified Memories addresses how a personal recurring long-term memory can be communicated to others by being transformed onto a tactile painting surface. Each painting in the series represents a significant memory from my life including family, landscapes, and my study abroad experience in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am depicting these memories in order to explore questions about why certain memories are retained: Is it the redundancy of a phase in life that makes a memory significant or an exclusive moment that makes a memory significant? What causes people to remember some moments and not others? The paintings invite the viewers to address these questions or come up with their own curiosities about the mind and their own personal memories. As I have explored these questions for myself, I have learned more about how the mind uses/stores/loses memory. In order to create paintings that evoke the sense that memories are being depicted, I have focused carefully on utilizing color, shaping an atmospheric space to create deep environments, and forming new ways to apply paint.