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King Creativity at Southwestern

Objectification of Women

Brad Mathis
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Bob Bednar

It’s been said before that in our culture women have been objectified, so for my project I decided to have a woman literally act as an object in order to explore stereotypes about gender roles in our society. Thanks to the King Creativity Fund, I was able to budget and produce a silent short film entitled The Objectification of Women. Filming for the project took place over spring break throughout various locations in Georgetown and is currently in the editing process. In the film I attempted to take a playful yet somewhat contentious stance on gender roles within western culture and society. The whole project provided great insight to the amount of planning and scheduling required for producing a film while also allowing me to engage in the creative choices required to tell a story in a certain style. In the film I used a heavy amount of repetition to suggest character change. The same scene was shot twice, but with a change in character action which resulted in a different outcome for the scene. I’m hoping that through this method viewers will see alternatives as to the way in which both women and men can perform gender identity and although I only present a limited range of the stereotypes that exist, my goal is for this film to inspire viewers to consider the alternative.