Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

King Creativity at Southwestern

The Creation, Publication, and Performance of Works of Music

Travis Jeffords
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jason Hoogerhyde

Essentially, this project was designed in order to take the conscious (or subconscious) realm of inner feelings and emotions, and breathe life into those feelings, sharing them in a language that an audience could grasp and be moved by. The process started under the direction of Dr. Jason Hoogerhyde, and we worked for months attempting to translate and capture metaphysical emotions into a readable, published musical score. Ideas, feelings, frustrations, concerns, and joys were all harnessed and placed into a score that could be then interpreted by musicians. The score itself, of course, is not a work of music; emotions may be captured in the score, but the score itself is as dry and lifeless as the piece of paper it is written on. In order for the emotions to be fully realized and felt by other people, the music must be heard; a composer’s goals are never realized until the piece of music is played and the vibrations and sound waves resonate through the air and into an audience. Musicians were found, hired, and collaborated closely with in order to assure that the music performed and communicated would reveal the feelings and emotions the pieces were meant to contain. The culmination of the project occurred in November with a public concert and lecture, finally breathing life into the musical scores, and allowing a communication and dialogue between composer and audience.