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Consumption and Waste: Reflections through Food

By Jaymie Teakell

For my exhibition, “Consumption and Waste: Reflections through Food,” I am creating a series of artworks that seek to evoke serious questions about our relationship with food, concentrating on the ethical and social questions that food waste raise. These artworks are meant to provoke and entice the viewer to consider their own experiences in the consumption of food.

The series will be presented in two modes of expression. The first, a series of five large-scale paintings representing food found in the public sphere, examine the overabundance of readily available food in the United States. The second series encases a month’s collection of my own daily food waste in twenty-nine boxes of resin, exposing my own wasteful habits as a synecdoche for the larger societal problem. Through a constructed idealism, I intend to expose our collective delusions about food with a self-conscious knowledge of the philosophical ramifications of that choice. Ultimately, I hope to enact social change in food conservation.