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King Creativity at Southwestern

A Play in a Day: The 24-Hour Theatre Project

By Matthew Harper

Though the 24-Hour Theatre Project has not begun yet, I expect the project to be a large success. When we start writing at 8 o’clock Friday night, I know that whatever comes out of the session will be completely original and mark the beginning of a truly unique theatre experiment. I know that with the talent I’ve selected from the student body the entire process will go smoothly and together we will be able to create something that no one has ever seen and more than likely never be seen again. At the end of the performance I can’t imagine a result that could be considered a failure because even if the show is unable to go up or if we fall behind schedule, the true question of the project will still be answered.

Can a play be written, rehearsed, and performed in only 24 hours? I hope so and I can’t wait to find out.