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Creation of a Student-Run Internet Radio Station

By Kaitlyn Dennis, Brooke Lyssy, Andrea Plybon and Katy Siciliano

Our project is to create a student-run radio station that will be broadcast on the internet and will provide a basis for possibly expanding to a FM-broadcasting station in the future. We will feature a wide variety of programs that will showcase a diverse range of student and faculty interests, as well as providing alumni, families, and prospective students with an immediate connection to the Southwestern campus.

The project of starting a radio station was more complicated than seemed at first, as we have found in the past several months. In the process of organizing our station, we have dealt with the issues finding an appropriate space on campus for the station, establishing interest among students, building a music library, creating a weekly schedule of programs, researching the legal issues pertaining to internet radio, obtaining high-quality software and audio equipment, training people how to use the equipment, and just figuring out how day to day operations of a station will work. The enthusiasm of the students involved in the station so far has been immense, as well as the campus’s response to the idea. We plan to launch the SU Radio Station in early April.