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King Creativity at Southwestern

Inequalities in Education: What are we teaching our children?

  • Photo by Donald Tetto

By Casey Grier

Through a series of paintings, I intend to expose the inequalities that are subtly reinforced in schools, including those deriving from racism, sexism, heterosexism, and ableism. While it would be comforting to dismiss these issues as those from America’s past, the sad reality is that they continue to affect America’s future because they continue to affect America’s schools. This series serves as documentation for the inequities and inequalities I routinely witness in public schools as part of my field-based preparation for teaching. By the particular and specific use of the elements of color and line, I aim to translate a social reality into the abstract language of painting, creating aesthetically pleasing and conceptually engaging works of art. In addition to the aesthetic challenges that paintings pose, I want to stimulate the viewers to consider the following question: “What biases are we unintentionally teaching our children?” My immediate goal is to invite the viewers to think about these biases, but my broader hope is that my paintings will set them on a path to living for social justice.