Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

King Creativity at Southwestern

Amplifying SU Radio’s Capabilities

Kaitlyn Dennis, Brooke Lyssy and Vickie Valadez

Last year, Southwestern’s student-run internet radio station came into existence as the result of a King Creativity Grant. While this grant enabled a successful organizational structure to be set up and the basic tools and training to create and broadcast unique programs to be provided to students, SU Radio still lacks the resources that would allow it to interact more with Southwestern life outside of the studio. This project aims to inspire creativity by offering more ways for students involved with SU Radio to create, edit, and record their shows. The introduction of new equipment and other resources to SU Radio will open up possibilities for individual DJs and the station as a whole that will elevate the quality of programming, as well as push SU Radio closer to the level of other college radio stations. This project’s completion will ultimately mean that more of the campus will be participating in SU Radio; a few of the ideas we have had so far are collaborating with the Megaphone with recorded interviews and news articles, recording and interviewing performers from the Cove Concert Series and Friday Night Live, and creating soundscapes of life on Southwestern’s campus. Overall, the most appealing aspect of the project is that individuals within SU Radio will have the freedom to imagine how to use these resources in their own creative visions.