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King Creativity at Southwestern

The Infinite Chaotic Arcade Machine

  • Photo by Donald Tetto

By Duncan Alexander and Lane Hill

Contemporary art and digital technology enmesh in the concept of New Media art. Noting the absence of New Media installations on campus, our intention is to construct the first - titled the “Infinite Chaotic Arcade Machine.” The installation, modeled after a traditional arcade cabinet, draws from its archetype by enticing viewers of the piece to interact with its onscreen visualizations. These visualizations explore the boundary between interactive art and video games by not establishing a clear winning scenario. The user interface will consist of 24 multicolor buttons on a control panel with which the visualizations will accept input in different ways. A timer will randomly change visualizations regardless of user interaction, thus preventing the user from adapting to the interface. Upon completion of the Machine, we intend for it to remain at Southwestern University as a permanent installation.