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King Creativity at Southwestern

Insect Macrophotography: Portraiture as a Presence

Carlos Barron
Faculty Advisor: Mary Visser and Catherine Urban

Taking a portrait of a person can be a difficult task but taking a photograph of an insect is more technically challenging. With my photographs, I want to capture the presence of these insects by presenting them at a human scale. Part of the reason we don’t give much importance to their presence is that they are too small or too fast for us to see. I have to develop patience and respect when I enter their territories. I don’t want to collect insects and disturb their microcosmos. Instead, macrophotography allows me to capture these experiences and to reveal the worlds that operate alongside our human community. I don’t have to travel to exotic environments to find alien-like creatures. I have already found them in our university campus and in many of our familiar places.