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Steel Pan Ensemble Abstract

Lauren Bird, Briana Garcia, and Thomas Newman
Faculty Advisor: Stephen A. Martin

The Southwestern Steel Pan Ensemble seeks to further enrich our campus and community by introducing a style of music uncommon to Georgetown and the region at large. Interested in expanding on musical genres currently unavailable, the ensemble will create not only a unique sound, but also a culture from which steel pan music originates. Once the instruments are acquired our approach aims to explore steel pan compositions, to present styles of noteworthy steel pan artists through performances open to the public, and to situate the ensemble in a tradition of communication central to this type of percussion. The collaboration will combine musicality with background so that performances are more representative of this genreā€™s origin. If, by our efforts, the Southwestern Steel Pan Ensemble genuinely connects the heart of Central Texas to a musical culture it is unacquainted with, then our project will have succeeded in its enrichment of the arts.