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Procedure For Check Endorsement

New procedure for processing checks received by departments at Southwestern University.


     The Business Office at Southwestern University is providing the following information to all departments who receive checks for the benefit of SU.

     Upon receipt (whether in person or in the mail), all checks written to Southwestern University should be immediately stamped with the restricted endorsement stamp on the back of the check in the appropriate endorsement area.  These endorsed checks should then be turned in to the Business Office Cashiers for deposit on a daily basis.  However, when the total amount of the checks is less than $500, then the department may decide to turn the endorsed checks in to the Business Office on a weekly basis.  No checks should be held longer than a week before being turned in to the Business Office.

     You are being supplied with this initial endorsement stamp.  Replacement stamps and/or ink pads for the stamps may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Assistant who will order your replacement stamp or ink pad.  Replacement stamps and ink pads will be charged to your appropriate department expense account.