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Pitch-A-Kid Competition Comes to Southwestern University Saturday, October 21

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Pitch-A-Kid is similar to the popular show Shark Tank, where real entrepreneurs pitch their business venture ideas to a panel of judges. But there is one key difference. With Pitch-A-Kid, that panel is made up entirely of kids.

Pitch-A-Kid, a unique competition for startups, brings its highly anticipated event to Southwestern University on Saturday, October 21st. All ages are encouraged to attend, and if past competitions are any indication it’s sure to be filled with excitement, nervous anticipation, helpful feedback and learning from all involved.

Pitch-A-Kid is similar to the popular show Shark Tank, where real entrepreneurs pitch their business venture ideas to a panel of judges. But there is one key difference. With Pitch-A-Kid, that panel is made up entirely of kids.

When you think about it, this concept is brilliant.


Kids Will Say Anything

Kids are notoriously honest and, as most parents will attest, aren’t afraid to give direct feedback. They ask a gazillion questions and are not easily fooled by fancy business jargon. They have an uncanny ability to get straight to the heart of the matter and determine what is important.

Mike Millard, Pitch-A-Kid Co-founder and CEO, came up with idea for Pitch-A-Kid in 2015 after his daughter Audrey questioned him about a website he was building. Audrey, who was seven at the time, asked her dad simple but important questions such as “Who is this website for?” “Why would they go to it?” and “How are people going to know about it?”

These are exactly the type of things entrepreneurs need to consider before launching a new venture. Mike and Audrey continued discussing business ideas, and she continued to ask more relevant questions. On top of that, he realized that she was learning critical thinking skills in the process. Mike had a hunch that they were on to something, so together he and Audrey co-founded Pitch-A-Kid.

The program is designed to help entrepreneurs refine their pitches, making them stronger and more concise. As Mike states, “If your pitch doesn’t make sense to elementary school aged kids you probably aren’t ready for an angel investor or venture capitalist.”

Another important benefit to Pitch-A-Kid is the skills that the kid judges develop in the process. Children ages 8-13 learn how to question ideas, think critically and develop real-world business skills that will help them throughout their academic life and professional careers.


Six Entrepreneurs to Pitch at Southwestern University

Southwestern University is thrilled to host the first ever university partnership with Pitch-A-Kid. Assistant Professor of Business Debika Sihi says, “We are excited to host such a fantastic event which fosters entrepreneurship and innovation. It aligns very well with the critical and creative thinking we encourage at Southwestern.”

On Saturday, October 21st, the following six entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas/innovations to a panel of kids:

Buzu Trade Card System

An innovative behavior management system that supports positive behavior, school pride, academic achievement and more. 

Carrot Pants Press

Carrot Pants Press is a creator and publisher of books and resources designed to get kids excited about electronics in a fun, story-driven way.

Concept for National Park Service

Current Southwestern student Lossiebeth Hudsbeth will pitch her business concept idea to partner with the National Parks Service on creating park-specific tote bags.


FeverFit allows users to browse and compare hundreds of local fitness studios to find the perfect one, then purchase a day pass or membership in 5 minutes or less.


Miralend’s patent-pending community engagement score is a qualitative credit score that evaluates your connections to the community and bonds with others, bringing credit scoring models into the 21st century by including social media information that represents who you really are.

Mommy Support Network

A support network for moms to encourage, educate and provide networking opportunities for Moms both online and at in-person events such as the recent “Day for Moms” conference.


Of course there are exciting prizes are on the table! Participants will compete for the opportunity to meet with and pitch their idea to a venture capitalist, as well as prizes from the Alamo Drafthouse, Southwestern University, Starbucks and other cool swag from local businesses.


Event Details

Date: Saturday October 21, 2017

Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm

Location: Southwestern University Olin Building, Room 105

Campus Map Building 11 on map

Parking: Available behind the chapel (Building 34 on the campus map) and in the parking lot adjacent to the Joe S. Mundy Hall (Building 10 on the campus map) 

Ticket information: Kids 12 and under are free, and adult tickets are $10

However, Southwestern is offering free admission for those who found out about it here. To register, visit the Eventbrite event page and use promo code: pitchakidsouthwestern


The event is open to the public, and all Southwestern students, alumni, staff members and faculty are encouraged to attend. Kids in the audience will have the opportunity ask the entrepreneurs questions of their own, so bring the family for a great learning opportunity and show your support for local small businesses.

We hope to see you there!