Sarofim School of Fine Arts

Reception for Leonard Lehrer: A Retrospective

4:00pm - 6:00pm CDT September 14

Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center
  • Leonard Lehrer, "View of St. Petersburgh" Hand colored lithograph, 1978/2012.  Image courtesy of the artist.
    Leonard Lehrer, "View of St. Petersburgh" Hand colored lithograph, 1978/2012. Image courtesy of the artist.
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Please join the Sarofim School of Fine Arts’ Art Department as we celebrate Leonard Lehrer’s exhibit with a reception.

We would like to welcome everyone to the reception of Leonard Lehrer: A Retrospective. The exhibit provides a look at some of the many wonderful areas of art that Leonard Lehrer has explored over his career. From printmaking to painting, Lehrer’s work is a culmination of his life experiences. He says in his artist’s statement:

“Through my images I try to comprehend the very nature of my experience. I attempt to address the magic of the arts, the unexpected, the sense of discovery that the adventure of my life has provided for me. From the wonderment of the paradise garden to efforts in addressing great loss, I find that the arts embrace everything. It is pure privilege to be part of this most remarkable language system.”

Leonard Lehrer is an artist, educator and fine arts advocate whose work has been greatly recognized across the world. With forty-seven art exhibits to date, Leonard’s work has been seen internationally from New York City to Spain. His art has been cited in top publications, including The Art Journal. In addition, Lehrer also has had multiple of hi publications receive top recognitions, including the Gold Medal Award of Distinction of the National Society of Arts and Letters. As an educator, Lehrer has been responsible for the reconstruction and creation of MFA Programs across the country. The University of Texas at San Antonio and New York University are just two schools where Lehrer established the new and successful graduate programs. We are excited to welcome his exhibit here to Georgetown, and we hope that you join us in celebrating his work on September 14th from 4:00pm-6:00pm. The gallery will be open Tuesday-Sunday from 12:00-5:00pm until October 1, 2017.

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