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Free movie: Father’s Chair

7:00pm CDT September 26, 2013

F.W. Olin Building, room 105

Please join us for the Spanish film festival called Cinematic Scars / La cicatriz del cine.

The Spanish Film Club series was made possible with the support of Pragda, and the Embassy of Spain in Washington DC, Spain-USA Foundation. Special thanks to the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain.

Theo is a successful doctor in the wealthy suburbs of São Paolo. Having always placed his job before his family, he is a failure as both a father and husband. But when his 15-year-old son disappears, having sold all of his belongings and left town on a newly acquired black stallion, Theo goes to great lengths not only to find his son, but to rediscover himself.

Rambling through the São Paolo nightscape, from shiny new suburbs to shantytown slums, first-time director Luciano Moura makes every peregrination and random encounter a fresh adventure in this quirky crowd pleaser produced by City of God director Fernando Meirelles and headlined by Brazilian screen superstar Wagner Moura. 

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