Office of Student Activities

Friday Night Live: Comedy Hypnotist C.J. Johnson

8:00pm CDT April 11, 2014

  • dthomason studio

Friday Night Live is proud to welcome back Austin-based comedy hypnotist C.J. Johnson!  C.J. is one of the most in demand college hypnotists.  The hilarity begins as the volunteers come on stage to be hypnotized and begin to take CJ’s suggestions. One guy believes he’s the Crocodile Hunter and wrestles with an inflatable pool toy he truly believes is an actual croc! The whole group is transported back in time to the era of disco. They become part of TV shows and movies, complete with body building championships and much, much more. One girl even forgets her own name. This has GOT to be a bunch of bull… but wait!! The girl who forgot her name is your best friend! Don’t miss out on this incredible performance.


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