Office of Career Services

Careers in Theatre: Acting/Producing

12:20pm - 1:20pm CDT April 25, 2014

McCombs Campus Center, Margaret Shilling Room
  • Jeremy Cottrell '98
    Jeremy Cottrell '98
  • Christi Cottrell '98
    Christi Cottrell '98

Arts students know they have to work hard, have a “survival job” and get to know everyone to further their careers.  For more advice to make this challenging but so rewarding profession a reality, hear from alumni working in a variety of theatre roles. In this session we hear from grads Jeremy and Christi Rodriguez Cottrell, both class of 1998.


Along with their “day jobs” alumni Jeremy and Christi Cottrell offer significant experience in the theatre world. “We both have recently returned to Texas from time spent in Minneapolis and Los Angeles after graduate school,” said Jeremy, “and while my LinkedIn profile doesn’t thoroughly document this, I have been consistently working in the arts in a variety of capacities, though not as a full-time endeavor.”

Most recently, while in LA, both worked with the improvisational company the Groundlings and pursued other creative projects as well.  Christi was working with a music producer on an original album and Jeff worked on an independent film. In addition, the couple founded and ran a critically successful nonprofit theatre in Minneapolis for several years where they functioned in both an artistic and administrative capacity. In addition, Christi is currently an attorney specializing in arts and entertainment law and estate and business planning. She has had a series of articles published on estate planning for artists. Jeff has been working in independent film and is in the process of producing some new media work as well.  

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