First Thursday

Each month during the academic year, the Smith Library Center hosts First Thursday gatherings that recognize and celebrate the professional achievements of faculty and staff colleagues across campus.  At each event, several colleagues talk briefly about a recent professional achievement, such as a book or article that has been published; a concert, a performance, or a juried exhibition in which they participated; or a grant they received.

First Thursday events are held in the Periodicals Reading Room at 4pm.  Access to portions of the periodicals collection will be limited during First Thursday events. The events are co-sponsored by the Provost’s Office and Information Services.

Steve Alexander, Professor of Physics and recent physics graduate Curran Johnson

W. A. Abuhani, W. A., N. Dasgupta-Schubert, L. M. Villaseñor, D. García Avila, L. Suárez, C. Johnston, S. E. Borjas, S. A. Alexander, S. Landsberger, M. C. Suárez.  2014.  “Naturally Occuring Heavy Radioactive Elements in the Geothermal Microcosm of the Los Azufres (Mexico) Volcanic Complex.” Journal of  Environmental Radioactivity 139C:  33-42.

Alisa Gaunder, Professor of Political Science and Dean of the Faculty

Gaunder, Alisa.  2015.  “Quota Nonadoption in Japan: The Role of the Women’s Movement and the Opposition.”  Politics and Gender,forthcoming.

Maha Zewail-Foote, Professor of Chemistry, and Fay Guarraci, Professor of Psychology

Kumar, V., Vasudevans, A., Soh, L.J.T., Le Min, C., Vyas, A., Zewail-Foote, M., & Guarraci, F. A. (in press).  2015. “Sexual Attractiveness in Male Rats is Associated with Greater Concentration of Major Urinary Proteins Biology of Reproduction xx: xxx-xxx

Melissa Johnson, Professor of Anthropology

Johnson, Melissa.  2015 “Creolized Conservation: A Belizean Creole Community Encounters a Wildlife Sanctuary” Anthropological Quarterly 88(1): 67-96.

Thomas McClendon, Professor of History

McClendon, Thomas and Pamela Scully.  2015.   “The South African Student Exchange Program: Anti-Apartheid Activism in the Era of Constructive Engagement,” Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, 16, no. 1 (Jan. 2015): 1-27.

Kendall Richards, Professor of Mathematics

Alzer, Horst and Richards, Kendall.  2015.  “Series Representations for Special Functions and Mathematical Constants.”    Forthcoming in The Ramanujan Journal (Springer, New York, DOI 10.1007/s11139-015-9679-7).

Eric Selbin, Professor of Political Science

Selbin, Eric.   2014. “If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem.”  International Feminist Journal of Politics  16(3): 505-7.

Jacob Schrum, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Schrum, Jacob and Risto Miikkulainen.  2015.   “Discovering Multimodal Behavior in Ms. Pac-Man through Evolution of Modular Neural Networks,” To Appear in IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games.

Schrum, Jacob; Risto Miikkulainen.  2015.  “Solving Interleaved and Blended Sequential Decision-Making Problems through Modular Neuroevolution,” To Appear in The Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, to occur in July, 2015.