Printing, Copying, & Microfilm


There are two photocopiers located in periodical’s area, and you can pay for your copies with either a Pirate Card for $.07 per copy, or cash at $.10 per copy. The InfoDesk will assist you if you have any problems.


When you print something from the computers in the Research Commons of the library, it will print out in the Research Commons. Printers are on the South wall by the entrance to the periodicals area. We have both a color and two standard black and white printers for printing online documents and web pages. We also have printers located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of SLC. After you release the items to be printed, the charges accrued will be taken off your Pirate Card.  If you need assistance, please contact the InfoDesk.

Poster Printer

Specialized printing can now be done in the Sandbox. Printing a poster on the poster printer requires a reservation.  Contact the InfoDesk @ 512-819-7333 to make an appointment.

Small posters can be printed on letter (8.5x11), =$.025/sheet, legal (8.5x14),=$0.35/sheet, or ledger(11x17)=$0.60. You do not need to make an appointment to print on the color LaserJet printer.

Larger Posters are printed using the poster printer [designJet 500ps] on paper rolls of widths of 36 and 42 inches. 36” coated=$2.50/square foot, 36” heavy and 42”=$3.00/square foot.

Microfilm and microfiche

Printing on these machines is $.10 per copy.  You must use dimes, but we have plenty! You can receive assistance and change at the InfoDesk.