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How do I set a vacation or away notice for my Southwestern email?

You can set a vacation or away notice for your Southwestern email account. This allows a message that you compose to be sent to people who send email to your Southwestern address when you are not available to respond.

1.  Open a browser to
2.  Log in with your SUeID and Password.
3.  Click the WebMail tab
4.  From the left sidebar, select Mail, then Vacation.

This is what you will see when the vacation option screen is displayed:

The top two buttons are used to set/unset your vacation message.  You may use the default message that is there or create one of your own letting people know how long you will be out and when you will be returning. 

When you are ready to set/unset your vacation message, enter your SUeID Password in the appropriate field and click Submit.

A response will appear at the top of the page notifying you of the status of your message.