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Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux (with On-Access Kernel Module)
(requires kernel version 2.4+, 2.6+)

Sophos Anti-Virus Engine Version: 6.4.3
Threat Detection Data
: 4.35E

Release Date: 2008-11-03
File Size: 4,038,903 bytes
MD5 sum
: 69f29025bb367de2ddce6ff032d7816b

WARNING! This package is licensed for current students, faculty, and staff of Southwestern University. Redistribution or other unauthorized use is prohibited. Package contents are maintained by Information Technology Services. Installation Instructions:
  1. Uninstall Old Anti-Virus First: You should manually uninstall any anti-virus software currently on your machine before you begin the installation of Sophos Anti-Virus.
  2. Install: Follow the instructions below for installation.
    1. Download: Save this file (Sophos Installer (Linux) - 2008-11-03.tgz) to your desktop or another location you'll remember easily.
    2. Extract: Double-click the file to open it with Archive Manager, File Roller, or similar GUI. Extract the subdirectory sophos-av to the same location where you downloaded the archive file. Alternatively, you can run the command tar -zxvf Sophos\ Installer\ \(Linux\)\ -\ 2008-11-03.tgz to un-tar the file. (Remember, you can hit Tab after typing the first few letters of the filename to auto-complete the rest.)
    3. Run Install Script: Launch a terminal window (if one is not already open). Navigate to the directory where you extracted the contents of the archive in the previous step (for instance, cd /home/username/Desktop). Run the installation script as root (sudo ./sophos-av/ This will download engine binaries and virus definitions. It might take some time, especially on a slow connection. If you receive any errors during the downloading process, simply re-run the script.
  3. Completion: For Linux, the administrative interface is accessed through a local web server. From any web browser on the machine, navigate to http://localhost:8081/ to view this interface. It will tell you the current status of the engine. (If you are running a web server on port 8081 already, contact ITS and we will recompile the package with a custom port number.) By default, the login username and password for the web interface are both sophos.
  4. Kernel Module: The installer needs the source for the currently-installed kernel in order to build the on-access kernel module. This can usually be found in the software repository of your distribution as kernel-source or similar. (You may also download the source from, but it is safer to use the package from your distribution's software repository.) The kernel module may not compile correctly for your distribution. It has been verified to compile in Ubuntu 8.04 x86, but not openSuSE 11.0 x86_64, for instance. Contact ITS if you would like assistance in building the kernel module.
  5. If You Need Help: Call x7333 (512.819.7333), e-mail, or add a help ticket at