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What will happen to my accounts and documents when I graduate from Southwestern?

SUMMARY:  E-mail and Helios accounts to be deleted on July 1.

As an upcoming graduate you have a lot going on in these next few weeks.  Many of you use e-mail as a primary means of
communication with friends, family, and prospective employers. You need to be aware that all graduating seniors' E-mail
accounts and Helios accounts will be automatically removed from the SU mail server on July 1.

If you don't have one already, we recommend you obtain a free web-based e-mail account through a service such as Hotmail,
Gmail, Yahoo, etc.  Many of you may already have such accounts.  Then you should begin notifying family, friends, and others
of your new address.

Also, before you leave, follow these steps to save your mail and your helios files:

1.  Copy any files you have on your Helios account. All new folders you have created, desktop files under the "Desktop"
folder, files in the "Documents" folder.  Please save to your local hard drive, flash drive, burn to a CD or a floppy
drive.  If you want to keep them please save them! Most computers in campus labs have the ability to burn CD's.

2.  Copy your personal web page if needed.  Located on your home helios drive -- the "public_html" folder.

3.  Unsubscribe from any off-campus mailing lists to avoid bouncing mail back to them.

4.  Save important e-mail, folders, addresses, and your e-mail address book from webmail (if you use webmail). The
following document illustrates how to do this:

 How-To notes and questions:

You can copy the e-mail messages or folders you want to keep through webmail.  However, this saves to a format that is difficult for importing into another e-mail client.  Please see link above "webmail_download_instructions.pdf" for instructions on how to do miscellaneous task in webmail and for instructions on how to import using other e-mail clients.  We suggest searching Google for a solution if link above does not provide information on your e-mail client, or forward your mail instead.

Q: What happens if I leave and don't copy my files and e-mail?
A: Your mail and files are deleted effective July 1st and can not be retrieved so please follow the above steps to keep your
files safe. 

Q: Do SU graduates still get alumni e-mail accounts?
A: Southwestern University alumni are invited to set up an alumni e-mail forwarding address.

How does it work?

First, alumni must supply the Office of Alumni Relations with their preferred username (for example, and permanent e-mail address (for example, a hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.).

Once forwarding accounts are set up, alumni may give out their Southwestern address to friends, family, business associates, etc. All e-mail sent to a Southwestern forwarding address is sent directly to an alumnus/a’s permanent address.

This forwarding service allows alumni to distribute their Southwestern address to without the worry of redistributing after a change of e-mail service.  Instead, alumni can notify the Office of Alumni Relations of their permanent e-mail change and we will redirect their mail to the new server.

Please note: THIS IS NOT AN E-MAIL ACCOUNT. You will still check your e-mail through your permanent service.

    How do I register for a forwarding address?

    E-mail the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at Please provide:

º                      Your name.

º                      Class year.

º                      Preferred username (e.g.,

º                      Permanent e-mail address (e.g., a hotmail, yahoo or Gmail, etc.).


    If you have any questions about this service, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-800-960-6363.